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Sonder share their first visual for "Too Fast"

Sonder, the trio composed of Brent Faiyaz, Atu & DPat, released their very first visual for their emotive ass track titled "Too Fast".

So my roommate and I have this thing, where we can't go 24 hours without listening to "Too Fast". We grew up singing R&B together and it's just our shit so go home if you ain't with it. Last week we were relatively turnt on a Friday night and got home real late. We decided to through on "Too Fast" for a little lullaby action - but this time, we were in our living room with the luxurious accessibility of Apple TV. So we get on the YouTubes - only to realize Sonder has released a VIDEO FOR "TOO FAST". As a music blogger, at first I was like, "holy shit how did I sleep on this?!?", but then I went through the thought process of realizing Sonder was cutty releasing music since last summer and every thing they do is sort of low key and chill and not in your face and shit. So then I decided to just shut up and soak it all in because it's our favorite song. 

But DAMN, we did not say one word for the entire 5:48 seconds. The video is a representation of birth, living, death and rebirth. The visual shows Brent Faiyaz as the badass he is, a lil youngin' Brent, sheep and a fetus floating in the bubble. The opening scene is the lil young Brent with his chest teared open with his heart in his hand. Like yo, HE'S REALLY HOLDING HIS HEART IN HIS HAND. Taking this whole, "wearing your heart on your sleeve" to the next level. The heart beats to the pulse of the music as his rides his bike through the runs of the song. I'm honestly not sure what else to say about the video because I need you to watch it right now for yourself. The visual is just as bone chilling as the track. Now go on, press play lil young thug.

Connect with Sonder: Connect with Sonder: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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