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Earlham Mystics showcases incredible cornucopia in 'Truth' EP

The exciting and unexpected Truth EP from the extremely talented Norwich-based producer Luke Abbott / Earlham Mystics dropped on Gold Panda's independent NOTOWN recordings recently, and in doing so seemingly further cemented the UK city's independent music culture and array of remarkable musicians into the map. "Stolen Hearts" and "Truth" sound like frenetic bustling cities of sampling; new repetitive noises coming into view just like walking briskly down pavements whilst off to work. The result is both tracks generating a pace of urgency and managing to even encapsulate a feel or purpose about the way of life. The other tracks from the Truth EP however digress from this remit, and consequently it encompasses some eclectic surprises. "Hera" features more cinematic, swathes of arpeggiated otherworldly synths to wrap around, whilst "Fuck Hype" feels more calculated and minimalistic in its phase shifting, alongside techno influenced drum sound design. It's a truly unique release. It wasn't long before "Hera" shortly featured on Four Tet's official Spotify playlist and when you listen through to such a remarkable EP you can understand why.  

Connect with Luke Abbott: Facebook | Twitter| Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Website

Electronic · Experimental · Indie


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