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Introducing JAEMISSON with new track "These Days" in the age of social media

Newcomers JÆMISSION have released their new track "These Days" in the age of social media and it has that slick Los Angeles sound that listeners have come to love. The vocals bring to mind retro Justin Timberlake, folded into a more EDM sound and production style. Spencer Barnes and Keith Snow have added Josef Martin in on this one for a high-energy sound that laments just how chained to phones consumers are these days. 

But the group says that "These Days" is not reflective of everything they want to do with their music, while the strong guitar lead and sharp synths that amplify the climactic hooks intoxicate listeners. The duo took weeks finalizing the lyrics to the song, which they strongly felt had to flow just right. Barnes and Snow even added in a lyric video so that fans would better understand the message. 

In the duo's own words, "Considering the fast-paced lyric content of These Days, we felt a lyric video would provide listeners with further insights into the song's message." 

Connect with JÆMISSON: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram 



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