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Mitch Wilson delivers "You'll Never Find Me"

Mitch Wilson is a talented artist in many respects. He is a photographer, songwriter, producer, and musician. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Wilson creates music that mirrors the mood of the city where he resides. His latest single "You'll Never Find Me," is a mellow song filled with emotion. The atmospheric elements of the tune bring the listener to a peaceful place. You can also hear 80's inspired components, which add a nostalgic vibe.

Wilson says,"my recent process of releasing material demo by demo has been very rewarding. I have been able to take more risks, I feel like that is shown in this new track. A body-of-work is now forming, which is very exciting. This growing energy is naturally driving me to put a live project together, I'm even starting to entertain band names. We'll see what happens next." I hope Wilson continues to harness his creative energy to put together a full project. I look forward to hearing more from him in the near future.

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