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Sonny Banks & Stereoliez collaborate in 'MollyBreath' [Premiere]

Tchami's imprint Confession has been pushing forward cutting edge house since its inception well over a year ago. Through its development, Tchami has hand-picked several up and coming producers to kick start their careers, building a roster full of future heavy hitters including Dustycloud and Malaa. Curating tech, g-house and deep vibes, Tchami's label has spawned a raw culture and new modern wave for house music.

In the label's latest unveiling "Mollybreath", producers Sonny Banks and Stereoliez have teamed up to create a distinctly menacing sound. Banks is an eclectic producer who brings a fat sound heavy with attitude. His usage of harsh synths and clunky drum work makes his work hard-hitting. Stereoliez portrays a voluminous sound, dabbling in groaning dubstep synths or playing with slick trap styles. Depicting a title just as curious as its sound, "Mollybreath" is an unconventional electronic track in all the best ways. Metallic and glitchy synths kick off the track alongside some classic hi-hats. Eventually impeded by a buzzing alarm, the build up leads up to a deep synthesis of dark grooves and a danceable buzz. Merging rigged synths over sophisticated 808s, Sonny Banks and Stereoliez have crafted a perfect after hours club track.

Connect with Sonny Banks |  | Soundcloud
Connect with Stereoliez:  |  | Soundcloud

Electronic · House


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