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Malaa creates the perfect vibe on new 'Illicit Mixtape'

Earlier this year, Malaa dropped his long-awaited Illicit EP, filled with dark, underground takes on g-house and bass music. This week, he's followed up with a new project and big announcement for the rest of 2017. In the new age of playlists, the mysterious Parisian producer has sought to take his sound further and curate a new Illicit Mixtape, featuring his own music (including his last single, "Bylina"), as well as appearances from up and coming artists like Ghostea, Dillon Nathaniel and Bellecour. The artists featured provide a look into the next wave of g-house and house in general, as well as a deeper look into the French house scene with which we might not immediately associate.

Along with Illicit Mixtape, Malaa will be heading to North America starting April 27th in Vancouver. Check the below flyer for more details.

Illicit Mixtape is out now via Confession.

Connect with Malaa: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud


Bass · Dance · G-house · House


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