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Definition produces the mesmerizing 'Drums & Arps'

It's not easy to find Definition on the internet. But once you've gotten through that SEO barrier (just try googling "definition), what you'll find is some of the most incredible electronic music out of an emerging label, Definition:Music. The Swiss artist has released his latest EP in Drums & Arps, and it's something that's intriguing, with ups and downs that will draw you in further and further until you're happily surrounded by a world of progressive techno with surprises at every turn. 

The EP's title track builds into what feels like a totally new track in its remix from Athea, and then into a vocal, more downtempo moment with Thomas Gandey called "Paper Connection."

Every time Definition comes out with new music, we can't help but linger over it as long as possible. As the label builds, we've seen more collaboration, and more artists come from other labels to get involved with its innovativeness, and are looking forward to seeing who's next.

Connect with Definition: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Progressive · Techno


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