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Major Minor & Aerborn boast organic sound in "Smokers and Jokers"

Describing their sound as "Tropical Trap", Major Minor definitely live up to their sound and inspiring "Live MAJOR" mantra. The duo based out of Australia string together a sound that is uplifting yet totally vibey in their upbeat 808's. It's a sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences, those looking for chilled out tunage or those seeking fun-filled pre-game music. This juxtaposition of harder tones and melody from Major MINOR draw out a substantially unique sound that goes beyond the typical "tropical" sound you've probably heard. 

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"Smokers & Jokers" is their latest release off Uprise Music and works in collaboration with Brisbane vocalist Aerborn. Beginning with deep string inspired plucks, Major Minor set an emotional foundation to the track. Glistening echoes from Aerborn's light vocals curate real feels to get through to listeners. Marimba-driven beats and a calming pan flute add an island life atmosphere to the work, drifting us off into a mini vacation temporarily. Regarding the production and conceptual ideation of the track, they stated “Smokers and Jokers was a song based on the darkest period of my life. After I graduated I became lost trying to find a path and couldn't distinguish my own personality anymore. I got caught up in the fun party lifestyle and created my reality around that. Eventually, when I'd come back down to earth I didn't feel like myself anymore, so the cycle would start again. This song was myself awakening to what I was doing to not only my own body but everyone around me. It is vulnerable, raw has a feeling of both hope and sadness.”.

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