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Flora Cash gear up for impending album with new single "California"

Scandi duo Flora Cash are gearing up to release their album Nothing Lasts Forever (And It's Fine), which is out April 21st via Swedish label ICEA. In anticipation, the group has released new single "California," which rings out as a tragic tale under the California sun. From the first guitar slide, the listener is enthralled with the smooth melodies and "don't leave me, darlin' don't you leave me, California sun, California, California sun." 

In the band's own words, "California describes a longing to be free; even when the prospect of achieving that freedom, is itself daunting." 

While it's best never to read too much into an artist's lyrics, this one sounds like a nostalgic love song, balancing serenity with the reality of the situation. Flora Cash is the definition of alternative music, with a good dose of ambience to carry the song through. 

Connect with Flora Cash: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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