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Jaro and Neonpajamas invite you to enjoy 'Weekdays' in their studio

Producer Jaro and musical journeyman Neonpajamas have been mainstays in the underground Chicago music scene for years. Before setting off on his own, Mr. Pajamas was crafting massive compilation mixtapes for Mishka, featuring artists from the Windy City, which led to even bigger projects with producers from around the world. Jaro was a founding member of Beach Jesus, a group of like-minded experimental musicians and rappers that expanded their hometown's palate. Recently, they have joined forces and have put together a rather informal, but exciting series of songs.

Weekdays has a simple concept: Jaro and Neonpajamas invite artists over to their studio; said performers and Jaro lay down some tracks; the two friends then release said new song. While quite straightforward in nature, the results of their little operation are the opposite. Right from the start, Jaro and Pajamas released "Sleeping," which features four vocalists and a co-producers. The collaborative nature of the song creation is immediately apparent, as voices are layered atop of one another, while others are thrown around creating an intricate harmony.

Since Jaro and Neon began, they have released two more songs, the first being "Sunburns." Once again, this track features a four artists sharing time with one another. Between the guitars playing in the background, Kweku Collins' vocal delivery, and the duo Iris Temple's softer vocals the entire song has a laidback, whip appeal. It is a testament to all of the involved parties' talents that "Sunburns" does not feel cluttered or overproduced. 

Lastly, Weekdays latest addition is the stripped down "On Baby." Instead of following their tradition of employing three or more singers, "On Baby" only features Leslie Marie. She is amazing on this track. Her vocals seem to ooze out of speakers, right into your soul. Her jazz intonation are perfect partner to Jaro's and Joe Nora's production. "On Baby" has me excited to see where Weekdays goes next, as Neonpajamas promised there are more tracks waiting in their vault. Stay tuned.

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