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Nurko releases emotional video for "Let Me Go"

Just over two months ago Nurko unveiled the extremely feelsy work "Let Me Go" with vocals from Alina Renae. The track was unveiled via the upcoming label Lowly Palace, who have been cultivating electronic works that dabble in the future bass, chill trap realm and beyond.  Representing New Jersey, Nurko has curated a chilled but impactful sound, using ethereal melodies to titillate listeners emotions. In his recent work "Let Me Go", the track's melodic bass nature fused with Alina Renae's grand vocals create for a poignant complexity. This emotional rollercoaster is represented in their latest music video that pairs with the song. The video explores the breakdown of the deterioration of a relationship and is paired with scenic views and cinematic landscapes to represent a new beginning. The pulsating drop pairs with the frustration and grief found in these all too familiar feelings.

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