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Watch the incredible video for Wild Front's "Views" [Premiere]

Have you ever fallen deep into your thoughts, and the world around you changes? Your mind is clouded by the past, and you're taken somewhere far away. These feelings - losing yourself, feeling the world drift away - are the impetus for the visuals for Wild Front's "Views." An introspective fantasy falls perfectly atop the dreamy, bittersweet song.

Echoing the song, the video deals with the difficulty of acceptance. The video opens in an art gallery with an older man staring at a painting. His thoughts take over and the painting slowly becomes his reality, as a younger him is transported to a rocky wilderness.  A woman shrouded in light soon makes an appearance, presumably a lost love who has never really faded from memory. The man in the painting runs away, distressed. He hides, he runs, until he finally comes before the woman. The song dies, and the older man returns from his thoughts, and we're left with that same feeling of longing. The video makes tangible the struggle, the angst, the pain of letting go that is expressed in the song. It's a beautiful, heartbreaking reminder that the past never really goes away.

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