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Migos drops new video for "Get Right Witcha"

Fresh off of their latest release, CultureMigos is back with another music video for its latest single "Get Right Witcha". This is the second music video the star group has released in the past two weeks. This track is produced by Murda Beatz, a frequent collaborator with the trio. With the amount of recognition and fame that the group has seen over the last few years, they took to this track to show off their flashy jewels and designer clothes they have been able to purchase. In this video, there are many different settings displayed ranging from the club to underneath the Hollywood sign, but the most notable is the image of Migos riding on horses. Their most recent music videos have left us wondering what the hell is going on, but that is what makes them so great because they can make anything look.....bad and boujee. Check out the video above.

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