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Gladiator releases two sided single "Club Up! / Bonk" [Premiere]

When I first got into electronic music, which really wasn't that long ago, one of the first acts I discovered on my own was LA-based duo Gladiator. Their 2016 Transit EP was addictive and "Brave" has the nastiest drop-chorus thing that sends chills down my back even now.

Today, EARMILK is excited to be premiering Gladiator's new two-sided single called "Club Up! / Bonk" released on Insomniac Records. 

On the EP, Gladiator explains that “We’re always looking to expand our range and make new music, these two tunes are no departure from that goal,” said Gladiator about the singles. “Club Up! and Bonk thoroughly represent the clubbier side of our production style (and having them) supported by veteran vocalists gave us two rave ready jams..."

Banger indeed. Club music can be a hit or miss, but Gladiator know exactly what they're doing with Club Up! / Bonk here and the tracks will undoubtedly become more familiar to club-goers soon. It's impressive to see the versatility Gladiator effortlessly oozes with each new track they bring, and it's a no-brainer to say that no one is complaining. 

You can stream the "Club Up! / Bonk" now. 

Connect with Gladiator: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Connect with TT The Artist: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook


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