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Cassian delivers entrancing new take on Mr Sanka's "Gallon"

Mr Sanka made a splash in 2016 with their brand of upbeat indie pop music, landing a viral hit with their track "Flight Mode." The treio - an international gathering of Holland and London's best by way of Los Angeles - has sought to follow up such success with their latest release, "Gallon." 

"Gallon" takes on reverbed, upbeat instrumentals with the vocalist of the trio, Nick, having his vocals lead the way. With lyrics that explore our yearn to slow down, take in life and appreciate all of its passing and forgotten moments, the band in their own words created the track as "a wish to retain some of the memories, the simpler moments, which seem fleeting over time." Today sees "Gallon" reinterpreted by a few artists, all released by PMR Records and B3SCI Records.

Following suit to the "Flight Mode" remixes, Mr Sanka sought to find artists to remix "Gallon" into new expressions. Choosing Assassin, Alex Adair, and our first listen, Cassian, wasn't just the standard "successful single, now remix" process. The guys wanted it to be special:

In 2017 it feels like so many remixes are impersonal. Reach out online, remix delivered, move forward. Luckily on our last trip to LA we got to spend some real time w Cass. It was fantastic chatting all thing music with him, with the byproduct of a killer remix. Can't wait to hear this during the wee hours of a night out."

It seems they found the right fit with Australian producer Cassian. A veteran in the online electronic music sphere, he's crafted his nu disco sound since the SoundCloud remix heyday. We remember his breakout remix of Flight Facilities' "Crave You," but since, he's focused on creating original work. Able to focus on the work that he wants to, Cassian connected to "Gallon" enough that he rearranged his plans to make it his own.

I've been taking some time off remixing but when I heard the track, this was one I really wanted to do. A few of the sounds really jumped out at me as elements that would fit really nicely with some of the new sounds and textures I'd be experimenting with on my originals.

And as we all know, any passion behind a project shows in its outcome, and Cassian's remix of "Gallon" relays its original message in a groovy, entrancing way. Reworking the screwed vocals into an authentically progressive track, Cassian has shown the range in which his talent can succeed. Organic and moody, we're reminded of time as we get lost in "Gallon" once more.

Connect with Cassian:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud
Connect with Mr Sanka: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud 

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