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MIKNNA paints their version of the "Mona Lisa"

MIKNNA had quite the year in 2016. Ken Nana & Mike B are two talented artists that decided to join forces and gained quite the traction as one. This past weekend, MIKNNA dropped the first single off the part two of their EP collection titled "Mona Lisa".

The sound these boys create is so unique. It's equally suited for radio play as it is to spin at an underground warehouse party. The versatility in their sound is why they have gone so far in so little time. Ken Nana lays down a perfect backdrop for Mike B to flow over. The dope thing about the duo is that their tracks sound so similar yet so different at the same time. It's like they stay consistent with their curation of sound while also keeping us guessing. 

Stay tuned for more singles from their upcoming EP 50\50 Side B.

Connect with MIKNNA: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | All Things MIKNNA



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