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Caroline Lazar stuns in latest single "Trigger" from her 'Nevermine' EP

Gritty, real, and urgent Caroline's Lazar's new track "Trigger" off brand new EP Nevermine shows off exemplary songwriting and vocals charged with striking fervour. "Trigger" begins by conjuring up imagery of a Western film with Lazar's unique style of Americana, and the track's understated production of trippy vocal sampling over acoustic guitar. It subsequently builds and becomes increasingly innovative and genre fluid, using instrumentation such as orchestral percussion with Lazar's stunning vocals. Upon climaxing with gut-wrenching lyrics: "are you the trigger or the whole damn gun?" organs, and synths also appear, which remarkably would not be out of place in an electronic pop song. "Trigger" is equally chilling and raw; released on independent label My Little EmpireNevermine is one to own

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