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OWSLA takes on house music with upcoming compilation & Chris Lake release "I Want You"

Skrillex's imprint OWSLA has branched off beyond your typical record label, into a brand that continues to push forward an edgy and innovative youth subculture. Originating from music and tapering off into fashion, short films, art and photography, OWSLA celebrates all that is weird and groundbreakingly grows as a hot space for misfits of the electronic realm. Additionally, the label fits under no specific style as a huge range of artists have released with OWSLA including Mark Johns, Chance the Rapper, Kill the Noise, What So Not, and Point Point.

As the brand continues to take over the music scene, they've decided to dive further into the world of house music with their upcoming HOWSLA compilation. OWSLA isn't' a group of complete rookies when it comes to the sound, as artists including AC Slater, Torro Torro and Bixel Boys have showcased their prominent house flair. The compilation is set to be released May 5th and is to be celebrated alongside several events at L.A.'s Le Jardin where the label will be presenting fresh new house acts every Sunday from the end of May through September. 

The first release off HOWSLA comes from Los Angeles-based producer Chris Lake, who released the track "I Want You" with a sinister, very OWSLA music video. Running through the track are lush whispering dialogues, squeaky synths and hollow bass lines.  The music video depicts two lifeless zombies break out into dance and is an impactful contrast of menacing and comical. Regarding the compilation, Lake tells Billboard, "There are artists on there that are supremely talented, and they're absolutely future. [These are] the artists that will be shaping the sound of house music in America and then beyond for the next few years.”.

Connect with Chris Lake: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


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