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Belly, Zack, and Young Thug fall for "Consuela" in new video

Although he has is a seasoned vet to the game, Belly  has recently been making himself known to the larger population of hip-hop fans world wide. The Canadian-Palestinian rapper's Inzombia project paved a new lane for the MC, who had previously been unknown to many American listeners.

His hard hitting song "Trap Phone" has already garnered close to a million plays on YouTube and features a biting verse from Jadakiss. If one were to only check this track out, he or she may think that Belly is a just another drug slinging, game obsessed rapper; however, such an assumption could not be further from the truth.

Belly still retains many of his harder themes on his latest single, "Consuela," but displays his humorous nature in the accompanying video. Based off of the Jack Black movie Nacho Libre, the video follows Belly and Zack as they head out for a night in a rustic Mexican village. Plenty of tequila, mariachi, and beautiful women find their way into this wild bar. More importantly, Danny Trejo and Rey Mysterio have funny and unexpected cameos. "Consuela" is such a good homage to its referenced material that even Young Thug's odd accent at the start of his verse is given meaning, as Thugga Thugga turns out to be a Capo. 

Check out the "Consuela" above.

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