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FKJ releases 'Why Are There Boundaries' as debut album release edges closer

It comes as no surprise that the anticipation for FKJ’s debut album French Kiwi Juice has grown even stronger following the release of his latest track “Why Are There Boundaries” on Beatport. The album will be released on March 3rd, but until then, this terrific producer has been dropping top-notch tracks that only generate more excitement from his eager fanbase.

The Frenchman’s fluent blending of innovative, moving soul elements with hard-hitting, modern electronic music is an inspiration to aspiring musicians as well as general music enthusiasts everywhere, and his latest track is simply another gem to add to the awe-inspiring FKJ collection.

In ‘Why Are There Boundaries’, FKJ slows it down a little. His mellow vocals lie smoothly over a very old school, RnB instrumental, integrating some beautifully emotional jazz guitar and crispy, slanted rhythmic elements. FKJ’s voice is simple, and provides a conversational feeling to the track, as he sings so passionately. The song has a lot of heart, and practically forces you to nod your head to the slow, sentimental beat. It’s a track that really makes you feel and really makes you think. Walking through the streets of Manhattan with this bumping through my headphones, aside from being thunderstruck by such staggering sonic elements, I found myself in a very contemplative, pensive state. Once again, this is a demonstration of FKJ’s supreme musicianship.

It’s extraordinary to hear an artist who’s been such a pioneer in the french-house music scene release a track that sounds as if it’s straight off of a classic-soul compilation. As the days edge closer to the album release, ‘Why Are There Boundaries’ only increases this forthcoming projects expectations even more. A truly tremendous track from a tremendous musician. Check out his other single "Skyline" released from his upcoming album below: 

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Electronic · Neo-Soul


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