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"Dive In" to KYKO's hypnotic latest single [Premiere]

Scott Verrill, better known on stage as KYKO, has dropped the single “Dive In” as he gears up for the release of his forthcoming EP. A 20-year-old with a knack for music and pushing the envelope, KYKO hopes to expand the boundaries of indie pop and move away from the cliché singer-songwriter style that dominates the industry.

In a style that at first evokes a sound similar to Tycho, this single lives up to the out-of-the-box, experimental nature Verrill strives for. With synthetic glitches, punchy guitar motifs, and an infectious and skippy melody, “Dive In” is the epitome of what indie pop should be. The track manages to feel incredibly organic as it swells, flows and chugs along in pop-y goodness. Speaking about his single, Verrill explains:

"'Dive In' feels like a fair culmination of the different sounding records I have put out so far. It feels like one of the most natural songs I have written, we didn't put much emphasis on a direction when writing so it came organically and was captured as more of a live jam (pre production) and I feel like that essence is still captured in the tune. It was such a natural progression putting this into the live set and it started going down super well in the shows, which has made it all the more exciting to finally get it out!”

KYKO’s “Wildlife” EP is out March 10 via LAB Records, and features singles like “Dive In” and “Drive.”

Connect with KYKO: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Soundcloud

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4 years ago

I think you hit a buylsele there fellas!