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Grim Sickers & JME link up for the infectious "Kane" [Video]

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you'll know that the UK music scene has been blossoming in recent times, and Grime music in general has seen their tracks go global reaching more and more new fans. One artist that's steadily been making waves, is Grim Sickers, and with his latest track "Kane" it's clear to see why.

Sickers tore down radio sets with his "Kane" bars, teasing us with the tune, before finally releasing it towards the end of 2016. Now, as 2017 is firmly underway, we've been treated to the mesmerizing Mike Skinner directed visuals and an extra special verse from fellow Grime scene don JME. The energy that Grim Sickers produces is infectious, and as he walks through a dingy club, with subtle nods towards the lyrics (notice the mini that Michael Caine used in The Italian Job?!), he delivers his bars with raw aggression and passion. Throughout the track there are references to the likes of Steve Jobs, Michael Caine, Stone Cold Steve Austin & King from the legendary beat-em-up series Tekken. "Kane" has been blowing up on the Radio 1 playlists, and with recitable lyrics that everyone can get into, it seems like this track has the legs to really make an impression globally.

Connect with Grim Sickers: Twitter | Facebook| Soundcloud

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