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Jocelyn Alice releases new track "Bound To You"

Canadian pop songstress Jocelyn Alice has released her new track "Bound To You" via Disruptor Records/Sony RAL and it is a sultry confection. In the lovelorn song, Alice bemoans the idea of being permanently bound to someone that she never meant to love. The strongest element to the track is by far Alice's vocals, and the bold piano chords that accompany them. The depth to which Alice cares about the song's message can be felt in her smooth vocal licks. 

Alice has been making waves in the music industry as of late, and joins the growing list of soulful Canadian pop artists lead by breakout star Alessia Cara. Alice was also featured as a Spotify Canada Spotlight Artist for 2016, and prior to her solo career was recording music for cult classic TV shows One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars

Connect with Jocelyn Alice: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 



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