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Febueder announce their return with new track "Chimes"

Febueder have announced their return to music with new single "Chimes," the first release from their forthcoming EP slated for release in spring 2017. The alternative pop three-piece has really grown up on this one, with Kieran's insistent vocals pushing the track forward, along with the chiming guitar chords and steady beat. 

The band was originally formed in 2010 by lead vocalist Kiernan Godfrey and percussionist Samuel Keysell and were hailed as an intriguing new UK band with the release of their first two EPs, Soap Carv and Lilac Lane. When their bassist departed in 2015, the duo went back to the drawing board and shifted focus from city recording studios to a DIY recording space, completely reinventing their sound on "Chimes." 

Connect with Febueder: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 




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