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Charly Bliss share ‘Glitter’, a candied track from their debut LP

New York quartet Charly Bliss have just announced their debut album after several years on the circuit, steadily building an audience while supporting acts like Veruca Salt and Sleater-Kinney. “Glitter” is the first track from the debut, entitled Guppy, which is due April 21st on Audiotree.

“Glitter” is a hit of unashamedly sugary indie-pop - a slight departure from the polished grunge leanings of their first two EPs (2013’s A Lot To Say & 2014’s Soft Serve). Here the bubblegum squeak of Eva Hendricks’ vocals are paired with some incandescent arrangements courtesy of her bandmates, while defiant lyrics keeps them tethered to their roots.

Connect with Charly Bliss: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

Indie · Indie Pop


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