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Divine Council smoke you out in "Dirtbags In Distress" [Video]

The Richmond, Virginia rap crew is at it again, dropping a slick video to go along with their new single "Dirtbags In Distress." Divine Council popped up on the map in a big way last year. Aside from getting signed to Epic Records and playing SXSW, they released a major single featuring André 3000 (with a video directed by him too). This marks their first release of 2017 - and it's looking like it's gonna be a great year.

Comprised of Lord Linco, Cyrax!, ICYTWAT, and $ilkmoney, the group has yet to release their debut album (currently slated for this May), but that won't stop you from falling in love:

"I spent my whole damn advance on some f***ing weed./Bought me some things I don't need. Don't tell L.A. Reid."

L.A. Reid, of course, is the head of Epic Records, who must be very happy with this signing right about now. This track, produced by ICYTWAT, is instantly catchy. Dissonant synths arpeggiate and echo over a cold-hearted bass line. Not to mention the verses, especially $ilkmoney's opener, which are tight, exciting, and honestly reminiscent of early Outkast.

Not much physically happens in the video, shot by Miggy - just some trippy camerawork while dudes take drags from a blunt. Still, the cinematography is brilliant (soaked in pinks and purples), and it’s fun to watch Divine Council exchange verses while they kick it on the couch. With the biggest year of their musical careers at the doorstep, you won't see them this laid-back again for a while. 

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