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"Jussrite" by Swindail featuring SACHI and Naji is just right

This Swindail fellow keeps popping up on my news feed and with such a totally rad name, of course I had to check out his new single. 

Apparently "jussrite" is his first original in a while and it features the talents of new Soulection babe Naji and producer duo SACHI. The production is like a sunshine speckled basket of blueberries and Naji's sassy Cinderella-esque lyrics (from the Prince's perspective I'd like to imagine) adds just the right amount of Sriracha spiciness to "jussrite" so it hits you in the bumpin' f e e l s. 

My totally witty banter aside, music lovers should take a listen to "jussrite" because it showcases the talents of young Swindail at his finest. Not really sure why there are so many totally popping ofs their rockers types of music artists coming out of Australia but "jussrite" will get you excited about what else 19 year old Swindail has to offer. 

Expect more gnarly rad music from Swindail, as "Jussrite" is the lead single from his forthcoming EP. Oh dang!

Connect with Swindail: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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