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MYRNE remixes "Murder She Wrote" by Brian Puspos

Hate it or love it, there has to be a day of the week that starts the week. Monday takes one for the team, but this remix of R&B singer Brian Puspos' "Murder She Wrote" from Singapore-based MYRNE might just get you hyped for the rest of the week. 

Released today via 88rising, this remix definitely adds a touch of electronic pizazz to the original track to spark the interest of electronic music lovers, who might not be familiar with Brian Puspos. A nicely orchestrated drop is added in between Brian's verses, making the fusion between electronic and R&B natural-sounding and pretty addictive to listen to. Energetic but somehow retaining the mellowness of the original "Murder She Wrote", it's pretty clear from this remix that MYRNE has gracefully reworked the track into a sweet piece of his own signature style. 

On MYRNE's remix, Brian says, "'Murder She Wrote' is a stripped down, raw, & emotional record for me. When I heard this MYRNE remix it was the flavor I was hoping to get. He made a mellow vibey song jump out in your face. Plus, it's just dope to hear how others interpret my vocals & sonics and make it their own. Shout outs to him for killing it!"

Connect with MYRNE: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Brian Puspos: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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