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Listen to Bevan.'s "Night Hour" featuring Holly Moore [Premiere]

January is a fun release month for many artists, and today, UK-based Bevan. has released a moodier, more cooled-down song from his upcoming EP to soothe the ears and provoke the mind about relationships failed. 

"Night Hour", as the young guy puts it, is "about the tail end of a relationship, where the two of you are no longer good for each other’s well being anymore but instead toxic for one another ‘bad for my heart’. Things have ended but the delusional opportunity you could bring everything back to how it was at the start, and you could be good together seems worth a try. But after realization, you figure that it was foolish to try and rekindle things and that there was a reason things ended."

Fueled by guitar melodies and riveting movement-driven percussion, the production on "Night Hour" acts as a canvas for the two characters in the song to express their thoughts about each other. Haunting and evoking a sense of nostalgia, "Night Hour" is aptly titled for a song that one could really get in mood for in the late AM. 

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