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"U MAKE ME" by Isaac Lee will make you feel like a cool kid

20XX is a label founded by our friends over at music blog HillyDilly, which immediately makes 20XX a label to keep on your radar for some of that totally rad music stuffs. 

The first two singles 20XX released were from indie pop duo courtship. and for their third single, 20XX is here to prove that they're a label aimed at being versatile, genre-wise. 

Introducing Isaac Lee. This kid's debut single is like the definition of the highly valued coolness that normal plebs wish they possessed. Whatever is trending with the hip youths these days, "U MAKE ME" embodies in sleek, sexy tones of the electronic sort. Pounding, dark production weaves its way in and around disorienting vocals and when everything escalates into a chorus of tightly controlled vocal chops, listeners will feel like they've been included in some fantastical journey into the suspenseful, vibrant hours of club life or something. Should be pretty exciting to see where Isaac Lee goes this year with his music-making, and though his music draws comparisons to the likes of ZHU and ~Josh Pan~ according to some SoundCloud comment, it's pretty clear that the guy is making a name for himself. And it's only his first track!

Connect with Isaac Lee: SoundCloudTwitter



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