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Luna Shadows shares her top tracks of 2016 [Playlist]

The soulful & seductive indie pop artist Luna Shadows released her top tracks of 2016 playlist over Twitter this past week. Stacked with some intricate indie rock sounds, overlaid with complex synth work and a few strong female vocals, we just had to share this playlist. Check it out below:

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter released her Summertime EP earlier in 2016, along with a critically acclaimed music video for her hit single "Hallelujah California." Filled with a prodigious amount of dreamy vocals and exquisite pop sounds, the rising star shared with Billboard, "Most people hear a pop song and think there's probably 6 writers on it, it's probably auto-tuned. To me being a modern pop act means being in control of my vision which means being involved in every little aspect of the music and brand."

You're already late to the game if this one isn't on your radar. Luna Shadows' Summertime EP can be found on iTunes.

Connect with Luna Shadows: Twitter 

Connect with GIRL SCHOOL: Website

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