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EARMILK's Top Tracks: New Music Friday Playlist [College Edition]

Get ready for another episode of top new artist releases in our New Music Friday [College Edition] in partnership with Quadio—the college/post-grad creative network and app fostering an incredible community of young creatives from various colleges and cities around the world. Each week, the editorial team at EARMILK carefully reviews fresh new tracks submitted through the Quadio network and picks out a handful of music from students and young independent artists that are defining the sounds of tomorrow.

We kick things off this week with a Summery indie-rock cut from Rightfield titled "Birthday Party." Tender vocals fight back a flood of sorrow as gentle guitar plucks and shimmering synths envelop the room to create a dazzling haze of indie-rock. New Orleans singer-songwriter Hans Williams crafts a tantalizing multi-layered track in his latest single "Weekend." The high-level technicality displayed in the production of Williams' latest release showcases his innate ability to seamlessly weave together an incidental sequence full of undulating silhouettes into a brilliant amalgamation of slow-burning sounds. Absolutely brilliant! 

Over echoing sound bites of distant chatter, Tanner Hulsebus delivers a heavy dose of nostalgia as the strumming from his acoustic guitar transports us to fond memories of a pleasant past in his latest single "I Don't Think So." patchymate deliver a theatrical electro-pop performance in their latest single "Mirages." A multi-dimensional track with a flutter of electro-pop flair, "Mirages" is a feel-good thump just in time for the warming weather. 

Drift away with Oren Levin's unique blend of indie-folk and alt-rock in this dreamy new single "Prove." The catchy folk-style guitar hook and the weightless vocals create a dreamy affair, from which we never want to wake.  

That's it for today's roundup but make sure to check out the Spotify link above for some more incredible new music from emerging new artists like Ashley Mehta, Blusty, TGBEAM, and more that were also included in this week's playlist. As a special bonus, check out my personal top pick from this week's new releases below: 

Editor's top pick of the week:

Colin Bracewell - "Why"

Colin Bracewell's latest track "Why" is a masterful display of heartfelt lyricism matched with dynamic songwriting. The brilliant high falsetto cries against the minimal production add depths of emotion, especially with such a variety of sounds that are being produced. Light ambient synths, diverse guitar strums, and a blind-sided switch of the melody and pace from the chorus into the bridge act as a clever misdirection leading into the eruptive outro. For as chill and minimal as it seemingly portrays, "Why" is a cinematic journey that's left me hitting repeat, repeat, repeat, in hopes of discovering another goose egg of sounds I missed the first time around. 

Are you a college student or young independent artist looking to be featured in our New Music Friday playlist? Join the Quadio college network HERE or follow them online via: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Colin Bracewell
Colin Bracewell
4 months ago

Thank you so much!!

Michelle Musson
Michelle Musson
1 month ago

Thttps://youtu.be/NPgfwrIfd7s t