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RYAN Playground is a triple threat in "How About We Believe"

Providing production, mixing and vocal credits to her new release, RYAN Playground is a force to be reckoned with. "How About We Believe", released via Secret Songs, is a musical journey through bizarre-yet-endearing electronic sounds, live instrumentals and sweet, warped vocals.

Our journey begins with Asian-inspired, trap beats under RYAN's almost rap-like vocals, which are cut off abruptly by silence that slowly builds back into distorted vocals and a bouncier beat. "How About We Believe" does not skup a beat as it moves back into its previous trap focus and then immediately flows into lulling guitar chords and soft, dreamy vocals to finish. The track induces a little bit of whiplash, however RYAN entices her listeners through the seamless mixing of genres and sounds that urges you to listen again.

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