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Mick Jenkins releases a lackluster BTS video for "Spread Love"

Mick Jenkins released a video for The Healing Component standout “Spread Love” and it’s a bit of a disappointment.

I know, I know, that’s a little harsh, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Mick is one of those young artists who, to me, seems like a true artist. His songs are lyrically deep and emotional, his social media game is artistic and fashion forward, and generally speaking, his video’s are creative and engaging.

You could say I am unfairly holding the dude to a higher standard, but this video is wack. Look, I dig the behind the scenes style footage, but why not just release that instead of pretending it’s a video for “Spread Love”? This song is fantastic and is one of the main motifs that runs through the album, so why not give it a proper visual?

I mean damn, have you seen the video for “Drowning”? It’s a bonafide short film. What frustrates me about “Spread Love” is that you know this guy is capable of producing great content, but he just doesn’t.

I know some people will argue that he has to release a video and that touring takes a lot out of you and he probably doesn’t have the time to create another masterpiece, and you’d be right. But still, that seems like the opposite of why you become an artist. Don’t release something for the sake of releasing it, do it with your heart in it. Quality > Quantity.

Ultimately, “Spread Love” is a cool ass BTS video from Mick’s tour, but not the video a track as great as “Spread Love” truly deserves.

Whether you agree or disagree, play the video above and keep your eyes and ears on EARMILK for all things Mick Jenkins.

Connect with Mick Jenkins: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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