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HERO releases new project, "LOOSIES"

Canadian artist HERO is moving forward by going backwards. His latest release, LOOSIES, is a collection of unreleased tracks, singles, demos and instrumentals covering 2009 to 2015. Expanding the "familiar sounds run through a VCR" approach that was originated with his Sept 2nd debut VHS POP, HERO continues to mix pop sensibilities with a retro edge and punk attitude.

The lead single off of the project is "Harlot," a slow jam perfect for anyone looking to vibe out and mourn the loss of their latest ex. The track starts off with a smooth guitar riff that draws you in as the production continues to build anticipation with the introduction of HERO's dreamy vocals. Taking an unexpected turn with fire percussion, the track transforms into an R&B jam making way for the rest of the sing-along. 

The rest of the project is strong and enjoyable, some personal favorites including: "Harlot," "Down In The Hamptons," and "BITCH I'M DAVID BOWIE." Keep an eye out for more from HERO and listen to the full release here: 

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