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Pegboard Nerds tease 'Nerds By Nature' EP with "Melodymania"

Pegboard Nerds have a little present for fans, just in time for the holiday season. With 2016 coming to a close, the DJ duo have released their brand new track "Melodymania" as a little teaser for what is to come off their highly-anticipated Nerds By Nature EP, which is set to release early 2017.

Released via Monstercat, "Melodymania" is opens with a high-energy beat that follows through the track until the very end. Progressive-electro synths are the main focal point and give the song an early 2000s EDM-vibe, which makes it feel quite nostalgic. As one of the more upbeat tracks on the Nerds By Nature EP, this teaser of what is yet to come is sure to keep fans satisfied until its release.

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