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Stella Rio releases enchanting, forest-themed video for "Don't Go Away"

Stella Rio has released an enchanting, forest-themed video for her new single "Don't Go Away." The 23-year-old Toronto-based artist has been making waves in the music industry as of late with her distinct pop sound, infused with soul-laden jazz elements with the help of Grammy-nominated production team Kuya

The music video for "Don't Go Away" is decidedly simple, but with no less of an impact on the viewer as Rio glides through a magical forest. Her stripped-down love song does not overwhelm the scenery behind her, but rather enhances it. Instead of seductive in the video, Rio goes for simple and ultimately mysterious. 

While she is beautiful, her croons and stark, love riddled lyrics prove that she is more than a just a pretty face in a lace dress. 

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