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Tom Swoon & Indigo electrify Matthew Koma's "Kisses Back" with new remix

What's the best way to get over a break up the size of the one Matthew Koma is talking about in his single, "Kisses Back"?

By dancing to a pulsing, late night club beat, with the crowd buzzing around you spreading light and positivity. Polish producers Tom Swoon & Indigo bring Koma's track to a classic club setting with their new energizing remix, which was released on RCA Records. The remix embodies progressive house, with animated synths that compliment the piercing lyrics about taking back independence after a breakup. 

Tom Swoon is in the midst of his Mirage Tour, which has dates across Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Here's to hoping he'll make an American debut in 2017.

Stream the remix below.


Connect with Tom Swoon & Indigo: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Matthew Koma: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

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