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Life Is Better Blonde chills out Frank Ocean classic "Swim Good"

Life Is Better Blonde burst onto the scene in irregular fashion a year ago with his contemporary glitch R&B track "Mine", which was accompanied by a supremely bizarre music video featuring a Japanese salaryman moonlighting as an electric organ-player at an American-themed bar within Tokyo. Now, the Australian-based producer is back with his first release in a year and has taken on the Frank Ocean classic "Swim Good".

The cover opens with Life Is Better Blonde's signature glitchy sounds being weaved around semi-distorted vocals. His version of "Swim Good" has a more chilled out vibe with slower and softer beats, but the soul from the original can still be felt. The piano quickly highlighted throughout adds to the relaxing nature of the cover. With this unexpected release from Life Is Better Blonde, perhaps the producer is announcing his return and that more music will be coming our way. Let's hope so.

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