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Listen to dné's wistfully touching "Asos Model Crush" [Premiere]

If emotions were always kept pent up, there would be an eerie emptiness to the world. 

Ondrej Holy makes music as dné, and as shown with this third single from his upcoming album, "These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere", not all emotions have to be intense in order to make someone's thoughts linger. 

"Asos Model Crush" takes inspiration from the simplest of instrumentation, and that's what makes it so intimate, witty title aside. Crisp piano chords break the silence, drifting higher up the octaves before breaking into a solid pattering of organic percussion. Anticipation of a thunderstorm quickly makes way for hopeful piano to surge forward again. A warm collection of instrumentation guide the ears along to the end of the song, and the percussive noises hang for an extra few seconds, too graceful to be labeled rudimentary yet comforting in its rawness. 

There are many ways to make music that resonates with listeners, and for Ondrej, it is returning to moments of simplicity. Like inspecting the pauses in conversation that are present in the everyday, "Asos Model Crush" will make listeners want to ruminate on the smaller details of their lives that may be undeservingly overlooked. 

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Experimental · Instrumental


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