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EARMILK's Spotify Selection Series: Kastle shares his "Songs to Reflect to"

Earlier this fall, Kastle released his second studio album, Reflections. The LA-based producer and DJ has built his career over seven years through blending garage, dubstep, grime, and jungle, all through a lens of hip hop and R&B. The 12-track Reflections was released on October 14th via his own Symbols label, along with sample collections from all of his previous releases. Reflections follows the 2013 release of his debut, self-titled album, and shows a maturation in his style. That wasn't by accident, either, as this new release is meant to be an exhibit of personal exploration, understanding himself and his music better.

"I wanted to do something a bit different for this playlist so I decided to blend a handful of my album tracks with some classics that have had a powerful affect on me over the years. Key elements like the reese bass sounds of jungle, the sub bass rhythms of footwork, and the swing of classic garage tunes all find a place somewhere in my music. This playlist is an ode to some of the best in the game who have been a guiding light for my creative process."

In honor of the release, Kastle has joined our Spotify Selection Series to curate a "Songs To Reflect To" playlist. Reflections is available now.
Connect with Kastle: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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