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DROELOE go full-hacker mode for first release on Monstercat

The Monstercat website has been looking a little off lately, but for a good reason. DJ duo DROELOE has turned into hackers, taking over to announce their first release, "Bon Voyage" via the label. With a cryptic video posted on all the record label's socials a few weeks ago, the hacking began with skull drawings over artists' faces and a surprise mystery artist added itself to the list of Monstercat regulars. Fans were tasked to "crack the hack" and were rewarded with two teaser videos, featuring a retro Gameboy and car radio playing 8-bit and distorted versions of "Bon Voyage", and one final teaser of the track when unlocked via password. Quite the entrance for this up-and-coming duo.

As for the track itself, there is a definite video game vibe throughout and fits perfectly among the other releases via Monstercat. "Bon Voyage" has more of a chilled-out vibe with slow beats and soft, slightly-distorted vocals. It's a strong follow up to previous releases "Wake The Warrior" and "Shibuya". With such a detailed and interesting release plan, the duo certainly know how to keep their fans on their toes. Who knows what DROELOE will come up with next.

Connect with DROELOE: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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