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Tyrin & Topprraaa link up to promote "Synergy" [Video]

While all eyes have been focused on the ever so prominent "New Atlanta", Chicago, & West Coast rap scenes, New York has been silently breeding a whole new breed of MC that is no longer bounded by the outdated conventions that used to define scene. The most revered figure to rise out of this underbelly has been Wiki along with the rest of his Ratking/Letter Racer crew, later followed by DJ Lucas & his gang of Dark World associates out of Massachusetts, & Jaguar Pyramids, who all collaborate rather frequently. 

The newest crew to rise from this NYC new-wave is a multi-media collective called ORION, and today EARMILK has been given the opportunity to premiere a visual single by one of the group's core member's Tyrin entitled "Synergy" featuring Topprraaa from Jaguar Pyramids & Top Of The Food Chain. The glitched-out video was directed by fellow ORION members Orion Connor & Weston Priest. Here is an explanation from the video creators themselves:

"Synergy (feat. Topprraaa)" is the first single off of Tyrin's first full-length solo album, Things You'd Rather Imagine Now (T.Y.R.I.N.), which is expected to be released later this month. The album will also feature production from ORION's resident producer, Baby Gabe. 
The song's narrative centers around Tyrin and Topprraaa, two rappers reflecting on their understandings of clout. Tyrin's verse and hook tell the story of an artist who hasn't "made it" yet, but he knows he will some day, and so he's trying to make the best of the present. Conversely, Topprraaa's verse highlights the perks of having clout. The video shows that regardless of clout, you can still get activated, and this union between their two perspectives exemplifies our concept of synergy. The beautiful, ghostlike girl who haunts the video's shadows, trampolines, and mirrors is the embodiment of clout. The random footage of conversations at parties, along with the bilingual captions talking about Tyrin and Topprraaa as two young flee gods, are meant to provide visual narration to the storyline behind "Synergy" and its subsequent impact on the culture as well. This is only the beginning for ORION. Follow @orion.process on Instagram and see the links below to see where the process has taken us to this point and how it will continue to evolve in the future. All things in process.

Watch the video above and be sure to check out Tyrin's debut LP Things You'd Rather Imagine Now when its out later this month! Don't sleep on the new NYC.

Connect with Tyrin: Soundcloud / Instagram / Twitter

Connect with Topprraaa: Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram

Connect with ORION: Website / Instagram / Connor


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