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Ramzoid's new track is the "The Sound" you've been looking for

After a seriously successful summer and a tour run with Jai Wolf coming up, it seems only fitting that Ramzoid releases his new EP Universe and its second single "The Sound". The Canadian electronic producer has been making waves the last few months with his appearance at Shambhala Music Festival, link ups with Brownies and Lemonade and the release of his collective, Soda Island's, new album. It seems the young producer is on the fast-track to success in a tough industry.

Ramzoid's sound can be compared to Chet Porter or early-Ryan Hemsworth, however he puts little touches into his tracks which make them his own. "The Sound" is no different with chilled out electronic beats and hidden little gems such as the use of a pan flute and sounds of nature (bugs and birds, specifically). The track is reminiscent of summer nights and wishes of warmer days. It's a soothing and relaxing break from the standard in the electronic scene. You can listen to the Universe EP now via Spotify here.

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