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Don't miss out on vourtsanis's spicy-smooth debut track "Untainted" [Premiere]

So vourtsanis released an official remix for ZHU's "In The Morning" not too long ago as well as a remix of "Real Lies" by Faded Paper Figures. But besides that, his SoundCloud doesn't reveal much else about him. 

That's going to change soon because today, the New York-based award-winning classical composer and multifaceted producer has released his debut original single and it's something listeners will be swooning over. The track opens pleasantly enough, with mellow piano chords breaking the silence. Honey-drenched vocals simultaneously breathy but expressive (provided by one Keren Abreu) and a multilayered variety of smooth bass and dabbling synths keep listeners on their toes. Then a wind-like solo appears, teasing the ears and conversing with the percussive elements happening. All these sounds are interesting enough, and then suddenly, unexpectedly, brilliant future-synth section makes the track explode into an array of new tones to hook in the attention of listeners. 

"Untainted" is a journey into a playful, synth-tinged world except the twist is that it's totally unexpected in the best of ways. Executed gracefully, the track is edgy in the soundscapes it ventures into, yet still retains a sense of familiarity that will make listeners of electronic music in general want to know more about what else vourtsanis has to offer. 

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