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CLMD is "Stronger" with Davion Farris & Farah Ash [Premiere]

We've watched CLMD blossom into a full fledged progressive artist over the years, and bring a unique Norwegian point of view to the electronic genre. Now on his past few releases, including this most recent and the uber popular "Dust" with Astrid S (it gained 11 million plays on Spotify), he's crossed over to a new realm in his production, creating a work that could straddle the line between radio-friendly and live set-friendly. 

"Stronger" features some simple elements, including alluring vocals from Davion Farris and Farah Ash. Out this week via Sony Music, the track's progression is entrancing releases his latest work “Stronger” featuring Davion Farris and Farah Ash today via Sony Music. With a motto “CREATE LOVE, MUSIC AND DREAMS,” CLMD operates with a mantra and the passion of his boyhood dream of becoming a star in creating his music and it shows.

Connect with CLMD: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram  / Soundcloud 

Dance · Pop · Premiere


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