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MA Music unveils killer dubstep compilation "Reboot"

MA Music is one of bass music's leading outlets for innovative and fresh new material. As a game-changing YouTube channel, blog and overall undeniable influence in the scene, MA Music's community only continues to grow. The influential outlet has additionally unveiled an ominous video as a precursor to their digital story. Using thematic components hinting at destruction and dystopia, listeners are left curious at what is left to be unveiled. Marking the first chapter of their story is compilation Reboot, which showcases tracks from some heavy hitters including Brig, Prismatic, Guillotine.

The Reboot compilation should be accompanied with a warning label, as some tracks reveal some serious bass and dub. Some favourites off Reboot include "Flat", "Amazon", "Adrenaline" and "Departure". "Flat" comes from eclectic producer Brig, who we've recently covered at EARMILK regarding his dimensional Summer Melancholy EP. The track mixes upbeat electro vibes with sentimental melodies and an unexpected dirty drop. 
"Amazon" by UK based Guillotine brings forward a classic dubstep sound. The serrated synths and wonky flow of the work makes for a certified head-banger. "Adrenaline" stands out as a hybrid work, combining elements of 8-bit, drum and bass and a slick future sound. There is true concept and creativity found "Adrenaline" by Rob Gasser, taking listeners on a bright electronic journey. Lastly, "Departure" by Zetta & Wavemode concludes the compilation with a vivacious bass sound juxtaposed with lighthearted vocal chops. 

In conclusion, Reboot is a tasteful curation of tracks that exemplify the promising direction that MA Music is headed towards. Heading the scene as trusted tastemakers of bass, dubstep and anything innovative and unique, MA Music's Reboot is an exciting milestone for the brand. 

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