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LOUIS VI releases "Question Mark" ft Denai Moore

LOUIS VI releases his second single off his upcoming EP titled Lonely Road of The Dreamer. The sophomore single off the EP is titled "Question Mark" and features a sensual soulstress Denai Moore.

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The Londoners collaborate for a true jazz experience on this cut. The track, produced by Louis himself has some additional help on the keys from singer/songwriter Tay Salem. The beat starts with some real deep jazzy bass, underwater, wavy instrumentals. The production sounds like I'm sitting on a huge porch on a warm summer day, sipping some Ice Tea - shit the ice tea might even have some mint in it. Louis flows effortlessly over his production - however the lyrical message is not instilled without an incredible amount of effort. Louis describes his struggle with depression & identity and the expectations are placed so heavily on young people to succeed.  

"I felt like people were questioning my every move, questioning if I was doing it right, even questioning me as a person; in the end basically labelling me as A QUESTION MARK. So I decided to embrace that and try and be a voice for the people that don't have all their shit together like me. Sometimes you got be like "fuck it, don't overthink this, just do you."

Denai Moore laces her vocals throughout the entire song in the background. She's the ice cubes in the ice tea, melting throughout the beverage with a bone chilling temperature. At the same time, her vocals are so warm and seductive, that there is no WAY they could be ice, she must be the steaming hot boiling water that you put in the brew before it becomes iced tea. She just must be. 

LOUIS VI's EP,  Lonely Road of The Dreamer is due out October 30th. Can't wait to hear what the rest of this project is going to sound like based off this track and the first single, "Freeparking".

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Additional help on the keys Tay Salem: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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