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Louis VI asks for a little "Freeparking"

Louis VI is an artist hailing from London with his finger on the pulse of the progressive sound coming out of the UK right now. Louis harnesses his knowledge of the new sound in his latest waviest track titled "Freeparking" produced by Dame Grief. 

The track sounds like it's got some Dilla influences mixed with some new age jazz hip hop hues in the production. Then a touch of old school D'Angelo, channels (orange) Frank Ocean and yet again has a completely unique curation of his own sound. "Freeparking" is full of static synths, a wavy mixture of instruments, exaggerated guitar chords and heavenly harmonies. Louis VI chopped it up with EARMILK for a hot second and told us that Freeparking was a metaphorical representation of his frustrations told through different car troubles.

"I was holding down multiple jobs, fighting so hard to keep my dream alive but I was questioning if I was even doing the right thing, I dunno, at one point I felt like I'd crashed and people around me were suffering from it too hence the first bar 'You could guess a brotha crashed it, million miles and hour active, like passing the zoot without ashing, mood like the granite, pressure my crew like a cabin'".

He also discussed the creation of this track - how him and Dame Grief linked up, and what it was like when he first heard the instrumental.
"The track came about but I was working a job, driving this van for a film crew with this dredded brotha (Dame Grief) and he told me he made beats. We were sitting in the front of the van, in the middle of nowhere on some cold as fuck country hill, two brothas just tryna make ends meet and he put on the instrumental. The melody came in as we both sat there, I think we just felt the weight and poignancy of sitting in some grim van but our minds were so determined to be somewhere else. I just started writing and writing. We'd been driving for days, talking about making it as musicians and just every reference fit so well... 'The wheel so loose in my hand grip, You could put pen to the paper but find you're a whole 6 foot far from the canvas'".
Homie will be dropping an EP very very soon. Stay tuned. 
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