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Caleb Stone presents off the wall visuals for "LOVELETTER" [Video]

Caleb Stone is probably one of your favorite producers, but you may not know it yet. The Detroit based musician has crafted standout tracks and singles for many prominent artist in the current scene including Kilo Kish (who he worked with on a full EP entitled Across), Kali Uchis, Pyramid Vitra, Alexander Spit and more. Aside from his experimental indie project with Gregg Sheran as Dream Panther, it's been kind of a while since he released a strictly production focused single.

Today EARMILK has been given the opportunity in premiering an alluring visual collaboration between Caleb and the provocative German artist Girls Unawares for the first single off of his newest project Dolo Ball entitled "LOVELETTER". The bright and quirky (and artfully sexual) nature of the artist's work works surprisingly well with the off-kilter vocal melodies and drum patterns. Peep it above!

Connect with Caleb Stone: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram 

Connect with Girls Unawares: Tumblr | Instagram 


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